We offer a resumé (CV) writing service based on your needs and your professional profile. This service is payable directly to Cible Retour à l’Emploi according to the following fee schedule:


  • Categories
  • Examples
  • Rates


  • Tradespeople / students
  • Day labourers, helpers, delivery drivers, drivers, cashiers, etc.
  • $180


  • Professionals
  • Engineers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, etc.
  • $250


  • Directors / Experts
  • Senior managers, specialists with more than 5 years exp.
  • $350


  • Revision or correction of a CV / new formatting
  • $75 to $100 according to complexity


Payment must be paid in full upon receiving the service. You may pay at the reception desk at our offices. Cash payments only are accepted at this time. Please have the correct amount ready, since we cannot make change. Thank you for your understanding and for entrusting your information to us for the purpose of writing your CV.