Do you need personalized help with your job search?

Would you like to optimize your strategies in order to obtain your next job?


If so, the team of counsellors at Cible Retour à l’Emploi is there to help you.

Here is our FREE support service for individuals actively seeking employment.



  • Evaluation of needs and of the present and professional situation
  • Personal and professional development
  • Psychometric testing (if needed)
  • Transferable skills assessment
  • Action plan
  • Promotional tools (CV, letters, etc.)
  • Exploration of the labour market
  • Cold calls and follow-up
  • Preparation and mock interview
  • Use of social media and help creating online profiles
  •  Feedback on the electronic portfolio



Until a job is obtained or for a maximum of 16 weeks, whichever comes first.


1 or 2 meetings per week, according to needs.


People who are unemployed, 18 years of age or older, have completed Secondary 3, and who wish to return to the labour market.






“Empowerment” is the word that best describes the services provided

I met you during one of the most difficult periods of my life, and your welcome and kindness have done me a lot of good. And I don’t forget it!
From the reception desk to the office, the welcome and support were extraordinary.
I was treated with respect and my counsellor gave me, without complacency, the tools needed and helped me find my hidden strengths again.
“Empowerment” is the word that best describes the services provided by the team of Cible Retour à l’Emploi.
To all, thank you!

– Alina D.

I found one before this deadline

The people who work at Cible Retour à l’Emploi know the labour market and its hazards in this 21stcentury, and they are eager to share their knowledge. We are guided with sound advice both when preparing a resume and when analyzing our job search strategies. We receive individual help through meetings with a job search specialist, which is very motivating and more efficient than group meetings, because the help provided is customized. Confidence grows, we become more effective, and we learn to use social networks, because everything moves, everything changes. What was right in past years is different today. My goal was to find a job within three months and I found one before this deadline. Everyone should, as soon as they lose their job, go to Cible Retour à l’Emploi to seek this training in order to succeed in returning to work.

– Participant 2017

I had not looked for a job in over 10 years

Cible, through my counsellor, helped me to reposition myself in a field related to the one that I had been in for many years. Reviewing my resume, understanding the new ways to search for a job using social networks were new to me, as I had not looked for a job in over 10 years. Cible, and especially my counsellor, gave me the “psychological” support family can’t always give you. This external support is important for someone who, like me, had to wait 5 months before finding a job that met my expectations. Now I am working for a thriving company. Cible is the best thing that can happen to an unemployed person needing to get back on their feet. Thank you.

– Michel K.

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