Do you need personalized ???? for job search?

Would you like to optimize your strategies in order to obtain your next job?

If so, the team of counsellors at Cible Retour à l’Emploi is there to help you.


Here is our FREE support service for individuals actively seeking employment:

Length: until a job is obtained or for a maximum of 16 weeks, whichever comes first

Frequency: 1 or 2 meetings per week, according to needs

Admissibility: people who are unemployed, 18 years of age or older, have completed Secondary 3, and who wish to return to the labour market.

The service may include:

  • Evaluation of needs and of the present and professional situation
  • Personal and professional development
  • Psychometric testing (if needed)
  • Transferable skills assessment
  • Action plan
  • Promotional tools (CV, letters, etc.)
  • Exploration of the labour market
  • Cold calls and follow-up
  • Preparation and mock interview
  • Use of social media and help creating online profiles
  • Feedback on the electronic portfolio
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Services financed by Emploi-Québec