Board of directors

Alexandre L. Racine – Board Secretary

Mr. Racine has been a member of the board since January, 2016, and has acted as Secretary of the board since then. His interest in our organization rests mainly on the ideas of social justice, of contributing to the development of Quebec society, and on respect for the fundamental right to work. Practicing in the field of law, Mr. Racine intends to contribute through his legal insight into the concerns of our organization. The responsibilities that fall to him are custody of the charter, legal documents, archives and the corporations’ records. These documents are kept at the main office. Mr. Racine signs all documents binding the corporation, and writes all the minutes of member and board meetings. He may delegate this task to a third person approved by majority vote, and writes, or in collaboration with the general management, participates in the writing of reports, correspondence, or any other document required during the year. He performs any other function inherent to his office, vested in law or assigned by the board, writes or supervises the writing of minutes and committee reports, and ensures the timely reception of meeting notices, agendas, and documents by the administrators.

Mike Kairouz – Chairman

Mr. Kairouz has been a member of the board since September, 2010, and has been Chairman since September, 2014. Mr. Kairouz’s background is in the banking field, and he deals with economic issues in general and thus, in his capacity as holder of this post, represents the executive authority for any decisions made. He is responsible for public relations outside of the organization, he fulfills all duties assigned to him, he presides over all board and member meetings, unless a meeting chairman is named to fill the role for this occasion, he prepares the agenda for meetings, keeps the records of attendance, stimulates participation by the members, and ensures follow-up of each dossier. He ensures the application and respect of rules and policies, the sharing of board duties, and the implementation of resolutions. He automatically sits on all committees and may, if necessary, be replaced by the Vice-Chairman, and he signs all documents binding the corporation.

Éric Ranger – Vice-Chairman

Mr. Ranger has been a member of the board since September, 2011, and has been Vice-Chairman since September, 2014. Mr Ranger decided to share his expertise in computers and information technology after having benefited from our services in the Individualized Job Search program. In his capacity as Vice-Chairman, he assists the Chairman in his duties and carries out the tasks assigned to him, replaces the Chairman in his absence and therefore exercises the same powers and prerogatives stemming from the post of Chairman. He collaborates in committee work and is one of the signatories of the corporations’ documents.

Raphaëlle Eche – Treasurer

Mrs. Eche has been a member of the board since September, 2014. She also comes from the financial field and takes care of general economic issues. In this capacity, she acts as one of the signatories of the corporation’s documents. Her responsibilities relate to all financial aspects, whether monetary, budgetary or contractual.

Paul Legault – Administrator

Mr. Legault has been a member of the board since November, 2015. His participation in our Career Transition program for those in the field of arts and culture influenced his desire to contribute in his own way to the mission of our organization by bringing a concern and vision from the world of arts and culture.

Marko Bianchi – Administrator

Mr. Bianchi has been a member of the board since September, 2016. A recognized businessman in the Verdun area and a seasoned entrepreneur who implanted several franchises in Quebec, Mr. Bianchi demonstrates his interest in economic development through employability and contributes to the achievement of our organization’s objectives through his entrepreneurial vision.