Orientation Services (10 hours)
  • Competency Assessment Inventory:  

    By “Competency Assesment Inventory”, we mean the delivery of services specific to vocational counselling with the goal of leading the client to develop a better understandinge of his/her potential in the workplace. The intervention may be comprised of some or all of the following elements:


    • Evaluation of specific skills (know-how) in relationship to the requirements of the client’s occupation or related occupations;
    • Drafting of an assessment of acquired and transferable skills;
    • Identification of trades or occupations in which the client could possibly transfer his/her skills as established by the assessment;
    • Evaluation of obstacles to insertion or maintaining employment while considering the internal factors (motivation, soft skills, physical or psychological handicap, interest for the occupation, etc.) and external factors (working conditions, limited employment perspectives, etc.)
    • Evaluation of the need for training and upgrading of skills if necessary; assistance to the client in decision making and in preparing an action plan concerning insertion, remaining in his/her occupation, or career renewal in another field of activity.

  • Vocational Counselling:

    By “Vocational Counselling”, we mean the delivery of a service with a goal of leading the client to determine a realistic and attainable professional objective. At the end of the approach, the client will be equipped to specify a professional objective formulated in terms of the type of job selected, directly attainable through job search or via a process to improve employability. The client should possess the information on the means that will allow him/her to achieve the objective, and on possible alternative solutions.


    The evaluation report (Abilities and Vocational Counselling Assessment) is written in language easily understood by the client. The report will include at least two alternative solutions.

Career Transition Services