Guidance Counselling Services (10 hours) (cont'd)

The report will contain the following information:

  • Motive, objective, steps and evaluation process tools;
  • Appointment dates and general behaviour of the client during the meetings;
  • Determining factors such as: interests, aptitudes, acquired skills, experience, transferable abilities, motivation, values, personality traits, personal context, resources and limitations of the client;
  • Summary of test results, if taken
  • Main occupational choice and possible options retained by the client;
  • Opinion of the specialist concerning the pertinence and realism of the occupational choice in regards to the profile of the person, the characteristics of the occupation being considered and the particularities of the labour market;
  • Diagnosis of the obstacles and needs of the client related to their integration into employment;
  • Actions and strategies suggested to help the client carry out their occupational choice or allowing him/her to pursue their path with the help of other specialized resources;
  • Action plan for the client in relation to the attainment of one of their occupational choices.


The Vocational Counsellor is responsible for explaining the elements found in the report to the client. These explanations will be given at the final meeting with the client. The organization may, upon request by the client, supply a copy of the specialist’s report.

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