Individualized Job Search Approch (maximum 120 hours)
  • Self-awareness;
  • Exploration of the labour market (in relationship to the participant’s profile)
  • Information related to work habits:
    • time management;  
    • stress management; 
    • relations with authority;  
    • team work versus solitary work;  
    • work/life balance.
  • Information on work search tools:
    • use of tools in the Documentation Centre;  
    • the hidden market;  
    • cold calls;  
    • various research tools (directories, specialized catalogues, Internet, etc.);  
    • resumé (curriculum vitae) and presentation letter;  
    • presentation card;  
    • registration of the participant with Online Placement on the Emploi-Québec website.
  • Validation of the occupational choice;
  • Determination of a work objective;
  • Action plan (development, utilization and follow-up);
  • Drafting of the resumé and cover letter;
  • Drafting of the presentation card; Interview simulation(s).


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