According to his or her needs, the participant benefits from the following activities:

  • Reception and selection interview
  • Introduction to Cible Retour à l’Emploi
  • Self knowledge Job market exploration (depending on the participant’s profile)
  • Information related to work habits:
    • time management
    • stress management
    • relationship with authority
    • team work versus autonomous work
    • life-work balance
  • Information on work search tools
    • use of tools in the documentation centre
    • the hidden job market
    • cold calls
    • various search tools (directories, specialized lists, Internet, etc.)
    • resumé and cover letter
    • presentation card
    • registration on Online Placement on the Emploi-Québec website
  • writing of the resumé and cover letter
  • contents of a portfolio
  • interview simulation

The goal of this service is to allow unemployed persons who are actively searching for work and who face difficulties at various levels, hindering their ability to succeed on their own, to return to work. Their profile demonstrates a need for structured job search that implies developing abilities while benefiting from a strong support system.


The service is based on a global approach where the organization accompanies the participant during their integration into the job market. The individualized approach is favoured during the various interventions with participants in order to adequately meet the specific needs of each person.