CIBLE Retour à l'Emploi

Since its inauguration in November, 1995, Cible Retour à l’Emploi has continually distinguished itself through its contribution to local economic development by presenting job search workshops for the unemployed, whose numbers have risen since.


The Dynamic Job Search Method was the first approach followed by our organization. This method has undergone various changes throughout its existence up until June 2008. These changes came from the fact that Cible Retour à l’Emploi chose to offer services comparable to those offered by other employability organizations.


In order to best respond to the demands of candidates and after analyzing the different obstacles they faced while participating in group workshops, it became pertinent to rethink this approach and replace the group workshops with an individualized approach.


This new method has generated an unprecedented response, which proves that the decision made, after consultation with the entire team of Cible Retour à l’Emploi, was the best choice.